Mummy dating

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Fortunately, I discover that the domain name was redirected from ng last month.

I plugin the redirected domain name into wayback machine and discover this site has been in existence since 2016.

2 of which I quickly found: and ng Which brings me to my conclusion, Google has utterly failed the user (people in search of sugar mummies), the site admin does not care to provide any actual information or service on how to get sugar mummies plus the site admin can hardly create a coherent sentence, and the user is left at their wits end because they believe the site admin really cares about connecting them with a sugar mummy (only if they knew). S: At this point, I am just glad his website does not have any form of remarketting set up because I am not sure how I would explain to my colleagues why I have NSFW ads following me around.

Using (a free keyword research tool), I discovered that there are 550,000 global searches for “Sugar daddy” and 60,500 global searches for “Sugar mummy”After this observation, I tried to find other colloquial meanings of “Sugar mummy” to see if people might have been searching with those terms globally instead of “Sugar mummy”, and only “Cougars” came close.

However, you should know that sugar mummies dating young Nigerian is not quite the same as standard ladies dating single men. The rich “sugar daddy” term is too popular and now the term sugar mummy is well- known in Nigeria as well.

As a guideline, many foreign sugar mummies or international women want to know what most Nigerians are searching for sugar mummy dating site or how on the planet is finding a sugar mummy is important for them.

usp=sharing It’s also a known fact that websites that rank in position 1 — 3 for a search query typically get 60% of the clicks.

At this point, I am beginning to think some crude SEO agency from India discovered this keyword niche and they are trying to cash in on the African Sugar mummy search market, so I investigate further.

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