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Edwards), he was stationed in the Philippines during world war ll. My father passed away in 2001 leaving no information behind except "word say". If I remember correctly the woman he was involved with name is Irena or something similar. His ship was USS Boxer and tied up at least once at Yokosuka Harbor July 29, 1952 (possible April 1953 Daughter).He was involved with Magdalena and fathered a daughter. Ingeborg Kost-Kuschnig is searching for her white American father. If this story is true I would have a half sister or brother around the age of 42-43yrs old. only spot besides Paciic Ocean known to be at this time. Noel has passed but we would still like to meet our mystery sister and learn her story.I should have mentioned that my father James B Boyd was stationed in Bristol, England in the posting below.

Smith, all I know is that his from America, we stared work with this wand but when he went back to America in 1996 we lost contact. Smith or help me continue the work with the wand contact me on [email protected] for a half sister, born in Metz France or surrounding areas in 1954-55 to a US Air Force man named Joseph Hughey.Hoping that her or a family member is searching as well.Thank you [email protected] to locate the father of my step brother.All I know is that she had blue eyes and her mother's name was Antoinette.I found out almost a year ago about this and I have done the DNA testing to no avail.

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